Do you think they ever want to try for more Children?

Being blessed with twins and looking back to the most amazing journey, made it easy to decide not to have any more kids. Even Auntie Dana offered to carry another child for us, we didn‘t want to play with our luck. Sometimes decisions are not always final ;-) 


Who is writing this part of the story by the way? We are a gay couple from Switzerland knowing each other for 12 years, living in Zürich and are parents of two 3 year old wonderful twins. We both work part-time in education, which is the perfect setting to spend a lot of time with the family.


We met 4 years ago for the very first time. In the meantime, Dana and her family became family members and we are in touch almost every day, thanks to social media! I think we didn‘t mention so far that we are thankful for the best auntie you can imagine! She and her family are the best thing that has happened in our lives, besides the twins. Last October Auntie Dana came to visit us for the second time. Having her visit us was wonderful, just like any other time we saw her. So it came that we «spontaneously» decided for another journey. All of us were so excited that we just wanted to start right away! Our plan was to transfer one frozen embryo. We still have a few in our clinic in Connecticut. Since the luck was always on our side none of us did really doubt not getting pregnant right away. If that would be the case we discussed all together that we are going to do three transfers at the most. We tried once in February and once in May and didn’t get pregnant. For a short time we were not sure about another trial. 


Last Trial:

After many weeks of medication and shots auntie Dana flew from Minnesota to Connecticut for the last embryo transfer. Like always, we were not nervous at all. We knew there is nothing to lose. We are absolutely happy with our two kids and if it works out its just meant to be. Since it was our last trial, our Doctor from the clinic recommended to transfer two embryos. This way we could higher the chances to get pregnant. This idea made all of us a little nervous since we didn’t really want to have another set of twins. But how I said before, just maybe it’s meant to be. 


Today is the day :

Ten days after the transfer Dana had to go in for the pregnancy blood test. We all were relaxed and didn‘t suspect any surprises. Each of us had a guess and thought we kind of knew the result since Dana took a few home pregnancy tests beforehand. Finally, the mail from the clinic came at 10:48 August 28th.


So do you think Auntie Dana is going to be our surrogate again?