So do you think Auntie Dana is going to be our surrogate again?

After six weeks of giving myself shots and taking medications it worked and we are five weeks in already! Like the guys said in the previous blog, we went into taking the blood test already knowing that I was pregnant. I was pretty impatient when it came to waiting for the blood test to find out if it worked.  Since they are seven hours ahead in time, there is only a few hours out of the day that we get a chance to text each other. I text them on a Thursday about 2:00 our time and said, "Are you guys still awake?"  Minutes later I had about 10 text back and some saying, "What's going on?" "You didn't take a test did you?" "Helloooo" I was driving at the time they sent some of these so I didn't get a chance to respond right away. During that time as you can tell they were a little on edge. I told them I had taken a test and sent them the picture of it. It was a pretty faint positive, but that was good enough for me! They were mostly in disbelief, wondering if it was truly a positive test. It took a little convincing, but I got them to believe me. I also told them I would take one the next day just to make sure. So I took one that Friday and Saturday too.


     Now that we are a week past knowing that we are pregnant I still need to do the shots of progesterone everyday until I am 12 weeks pregnant. These shots are not my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done to make sure that I obtain a healthy early pregnancy. I never was much of a needle person to begin with, but having to do them everyday for about 10 weeks now, you get pretty use to it. Maybe you are wondering why I need to do these to begin with? What we haven't mentioned from doing this four years ago, is that Micha and Ron had chosen an egg donor when we did this the first time around and we used the frozen embryos this time.So I needed to take all this medication and injections to help prepare my body for the embryo transfer and to achieve a pregnancy. This next baby or babies, are from the same egg donor and will be a true sibling to Emma and Eli . There are many people that ask me if I have any genetic connection to them and that answer is no. I just was the lucky one to carry and grow them in my belly. And excited to do it again this time around!


    From my previous pregnancies I usually don't feel very well. So it will be interesting how I do this time around. Starting about seven weeks is when I start to get morning sickness pretty bad, lasting until almost six months pregnant. The only side effect that I have had so far that I haven't had with any of my other three pregnancies is having a weird metal taste in my mouth. The only thing that helps is chewing gum or having mints in my mouth. So we will see what is in store ahead! Stay tuned!


I wonder how they are handling the news of this new pregnancy?