MenHavingBabies Brussels 2018

MHB is once again teaming up with several European partners to offer a comprehensive parenting conference in 2018. The fourth Brussels Conference will once again provide unbiased advice on surrogacy in the USA and Canada, and adoption of children from the USA. This year we will offer in-depth medical and budgeting advice, and an even wider range of relevant service providers than before. 

In addition to advice about parenting options outside Europe, we will also discuss the ethical surrogacy practices we promote, and the evolving positions of major European LGBT family groups about the subject.

Across most of Europe gay men who want to become fathers face serious legal, cultural, and financial obstacles. With over 7500 future and current gay parents worldwide, the nonprofit organization Men Having Babies (MHB) is dedicated to helping gay men become parents. Proceeds from sponsorship fees benefit the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) and are earmarked for prospective adoptive or surrogacy parents from Europe.